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"This children’s activity book series called Play to Learn… With Bricks will be a hit in your house! I really recommend all of them but I think that my favorite is the Zoo Animals! ...I like that children can be creative with this book series and have a lot of fun!'

- @SoCalCityKids "Books of the Week!" Review (March 2018)

" 'Look mom! Stuff I can build by myself!' If you've ever gotten building brick kits, you know that some of those are very hard to build.  Some kids with special needs and fine motor skill issues struggle to build such intricate designs.  Which is another reason I love these activity books so much."

- @alegionforliam (March 2018)

Once "a child sees that they can create a penguin, and the next thing you know, they are making a whole zoo of animals on their own, and reaching for the stars. Seeing one outcome can inspire many more!"

- @mamasorganizedchaos (February 2018)

“I really like how the books tells you exactly what the piece will look like, which pieces you’ll need and how many of them. Then on the second page it tells you in detail how to build the piece.”

- @mysillylittlegang (February 2018)

“Having 3 children on the autism spectrum, our house is full of Lego bricks! I was absolutely amazed at how easy they instructions were to make fruits, vegetables, and a wide array of animals.  Even our high schooler loved created the more advanced animals in the Zoo Animal Brick Build Activity book!”

- @themomkind (February 2018)

"Well written and easy-to-follow instructions both visually and verbally with step-by-step instructions.  Love the different colors used with the instructions which makes it easy to read and kid friendly...  Very thoughtfully written!"

- LISA T. // Zoo Animals Book (July 2017), Amazon USA

"This book has clear and concise instructions for the kiddos to construct some neat zoo animals.  The pages are colorful and the graphics are simple enough for my child to follow along with me.  It's not only for them to build but they are also recognizing shapes, colors and numbers as they go... This book has opened our eyes up to a whole new world of possibilities!"

- WESTON // Zoo Animals Book (July 2017), Amazon USA

 "I did the free download and decided to purchase the entire book.  I love how colorful it is and the entire concept behind it.  I bought this for my 3 year old son to start getting an idea behind linking shapes and colors together.  Although, my 5 year old is more excited to try it because of how colorful it is!"

- SIMING P. // Fruits & Vegetable Book (July 2017),