Sofie & Nate

Based in sunny Los Angeles, California, we develop fun, creative play activity books and projects that will help kids aged four and up get the most out of playtime. We have used our knowledge and experience to create simple, easy-to-understand activity guides. By building the featured project, children aged four and up can gain better spatial awareness and practice their fine motor skills. They will learn to name colors, recognize shapes, count to nine, and follow simple directions, among other key development milestones.
Let your children’s imaginations run wild with our delightful new books about building all sorts of wonderful animals, fruits, vegetables, household items, etc. with toy-building bricks. Through these fun activities, kids will not only express their creativity but learn important concepts about colors, shapes, numbers, and more.
As your children learn, they will also be having a blast with their fun activity. Each project encourages creativity—your little builders can make purple turtles or green flamingos! Each entertaining new project gives them a sense of accomplishment—and enhances their mental endurance.  Cultivate the spirit of creative play now to instill in your children the love of curiosity and learning that will last throughout their lifetime!