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This creative brick building activity book is part of our Play-to-Learn....with Bricks! series.  The book provides a fun, engaging set of projects that will help kids aged four and up get the most out of playtime.

The concept of this book is simple. Using the directions provided, parents and caretakers can help their children build different pet animals out of building bricks. These imaginative projects will help your entire family bond as your child has fun and absorbs a number of important developmental and STEM concepts. Incorporate learning into playtime as shown in this guide—with fantastic results!

These activities will teach your children:
• problem solving
• fine motor skills 
• colors
• shapes
• counting
• written numbers
• simple positioning concepts
• simple directions
• grouping objects.

This step-by-step guide helps children understand concepts like “up,” “down,” “over,” and “under.” Helpful red arrows show them exactly how to assemble each fun animal. Kids will gain experience with following directions and completing simple tasks. In addition to all these important skills, kids will be able to let their imaginations run wild with the fantastic world of bricks. Encourage your children to think outside the box to make something truly spectacular!


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